Want to know how logo is Printed on umbrella?

There are different ways to print logo on umbrella.

1)Screen Printing - A logo is made on mesh screen . And color is squeezed through the mesh onto the it. It is most economical way to print logo .A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, it pushes  ink through the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas, and printing onto the layers underneath.

This mehod can be used to print logo on plastic, clothes, metals and so on.

2)Heat Transfer - Here heated print machine is pressed on the umbrella with lot of pressure for some time and printing is done.

  Heat transfer saves the setup time, which saves production time. Printing stays for long time, so your business name will stay for longer time in front of the public. But it is not cost effective as compared to other method. Great for multicoloured printing.

3)Digital Printing- This is digital era so with the help of digital we can make possible the last minute changes. Here images are sent using digital files to printer. With this technology we can have vibrant and beautiful colors and designs on the umbrella panel. Which can be very helpful to promote your business. It is the most expensive to print logo. 

Which method is best for printing logo on umbrella?

There is no clear answer, it depends on the design to be printed . Most of the simple design is printed with silk screen, if design is complex then digital printing might be used. If more colors are needed then heat transfer method will be used.